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How to achieve HR Operational Excellence in Global Corporations Research Paper

How to achieve HR Operational Excellence in Global Corporations - Research Paper ExampleIn order to survive in this tough competitive world it has become indwelling to achieve organizational excellence. Organizational excellence is a broad bourn and encompasses excellence in every department of the organization including finance, marketing HR and operations. In order to achieve excellence it is absolutely essential to film an integrating of key departments of an organization. This has been aided by use of high end technology in business processes which include functional integration packages like an ERP which help in linking the different departments of an organization under one single unit. Organizations are also employing different efficiency techniques like TQM and Six Sigma in their operations which have helped them in creating competitive advantage in the business markets. Operational excellence has become the buzzword for business organizations across the globe. Multination al organizations like Wal-Mart and UPS have developed expertise by employing technologies which has helped in integration of departments as well as generation of organization efficiency. Wal-Mart is a classic example which has set benchmarks in the retail attention by adopting an efficient ERP program which has helped in creating large scale competitive advantage as well as generation of economies of scale and scope which have helped in creating entry barriers for organizations trying to capture the market share in a consumer market. This assumes considerable importance considering the fact that organizations need to have efficiencies so as to sustain the level of competition. Adoption of efficiencies also assumes significance considering the fact that business organizations operate in rapidly changing situations which demand greater flexibilities form the organization. This is besides possible when an organization adopts innovations in operations and operational excellence as a part of its business strategy. Operational and organizational excellence includes three essential components. Firstly it requires the top management of an organization to have the vision so as to identify the crucial factors at an appropriate time these factors should be such that they help in adding value to the organization as well as to all the stakeholders including the customers of an organization. Secondly, organizational efficiency also calls upon organizations to achieve excellence and other required technological machinery so as to achieve large scale efficiencies in the organization. Thirdly organizational excellence and efficiencies also requires organizations to have the ability to ensure continual betterment of business operations and its sustainability in the long run. Innovations are also crucial for organizations in their quest for organizational excellence as they not except generate organizational excellence but also help in generating competitive advantage in the form of cost savings and value rundown to the crossing offering. Adopting innovations in processes like procurement help in generating cost advantage for an organization whose benefits could be passed on to the consumers to add value and affordability in the product offer

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Analyze the role of a manager within the functional areas of business Essay

Analyze the role of a manager within the useable areas of business - Essay ExampleThe essay critically analyzes the role of a manager within the functional area of business with regards to the University of Phoenix MBA Overview Module.Managers use the merchandise role to identify the type of products and services they can offer their clients. The marketing role also allows managers to advertise their supplies to customers and ensure they meet the needs of their customers(Phoenix, n.d). Through marketing, managers delay how to create a good image for their business. Businesses that have consensus right from upper management to the other managerial positions have high chances of benefiting from the marketing role of a manager. But, managers should also have adequate knowledge about the various tools to use to get an edge over their competitors.Use of the best marketing tools such as SWOT analysis and marketing mix enables the manager convince the customers to purchase the products o ffered. Managers can use the SWOT analysis to identify the strengths, weaknesses, external opportunities and threats likely to regard the business(Phoenix, n.d). Also, successful managers take advantage of existing market inefficiencies to develop a unique selling point. For managers to be successful in their marketing role, they have to transform the different factors that can affect the success of their marketing campaign.The management role of managers involves coordinating and overseeing the work through with(p) by employees. Managers regularly check on the activities done in different departments to ensure they are in line with the goals of the organization. Managers must also have the unique capabilities to use employees effectively in order to hit business success. They need to take time to interpret basic organizational values to the employees and create an effective work environment(Phoenix, n.d). Also, they must provide the necessary resources and

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Project managment individual assinment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Project managment individual assinment - Essay ExampleAccording to Visitacion (2003) it is most often poor planning and fuzzy requirements that suffer to poor management of pop outs and result in failed productivity.( She states that if the planning process is improved by 20%, then there will be an 80% benefit in productivity. In particular, from the perspective of stakeholders, there is added pressure for the project to conform to the limitations of finances, time and resources, hence she recommends that many project failures can be averted through implementing slap-up planning and developing a clear understanding of the project requirements so that they can be satisfied.LaBrosse(2007) recommends that a standardized, legitimate approach be developed towards project management and has created the Cheetah Project Management method. This system boosts individual as well as organisational productivity through the development of a standardized, consistent system that in cludes best practices into the manner in which projects be managed. This standardized approach consists of the 5 Ss, which are very helpful in eliminating chaos in the work environment and can help team members to work efficiently and reduce delays caused by disorder in the working environment and work areas.The branch item is SORT, where materials that are present within the working area are restricted to those materials which are used on a daily basis. The other materials are stored away elsewhere, and an efficient filing system is developed to enable a quick retrieval of the documents.The next item is STRAIGHTEN. This aims to smoothen the work flow by setting out specific spots for moveable items. Materials such as fax and copier machines and other items used collectively by several organizational members are labeled and schedules drawn up for rotating use of such machines, in order to promote efficiency. The third item to improve project management is SHINE,

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Current Event Paper Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 11

Current Event Paper - Assignment ExampleDaiichi Sankyo is a Japanese pharmaceutical company that has a stake in the Ranbaxy Laboratories based in India. Earlier this year, the US Food and Drug Administration (FAD) had banned the use drugs produced from the laboratory, citing that the drugs have tincture problems. In response to this, Daiichi Sankyo has started to put measures in place to improve the quality of products from the laboratory. One f the move taken is the hiring of consultants and sending experienced employees from Daiichi Sankyo to the Ranbaxy plants. Furthermore, as reported in the article, the company is taking steps to dig deeper and understand the violations that have led to the poor quality products from the Ranbaxy plants.The main idea behind quality control is to ensure that the output meets the required standards. In the above article, Daiichi Sankyo is taking steps to ensure that the quality of the products from its Ranbaxy plants meets the required internatio nal standards. The failure to meet these standards was the reason why the FAD banned the use of its products. In addition, quality control requires that the company takes the necessary steps to identify the causes of poor quality and how to address them. Daiichi Sankyo is bringing in consultants and experts to help identify and address the quality problems at the Ranbaxy Laboratories.Inagaki, K (2014, January 31). Daiichi Sankyo Vows Drastic Steps to Improve Ranbaxy Quality. The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved from

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The History of Tattoos in the USA Research Paper

The History of Tattoos in the USA - Research Paper ExampleIn the Jesuit Relations of 1663, it was reported that an Iroquois chief cognize to the French as Nero bore on this thighs 60 tattooed characters, each of which symbolized an enemy killed with his own hand. Captain James Cook made a tour to Tahitia in 1769 where he noticed that the local people were skilled in making their skins. The endemical people printed symbols on their bodies and tattooing was established as a area of art. The American sailors in the early nineteenth century played a fundamental role in the evolvement of tattooing in the USA. In the ancient America, tattoos were associated with the sailors that used to come upon the art of tattooing from their seagoing brethren of the British origin. Sailors in the past used to have faith in the power of tattoos. Sailors would carve their skin to display patterns that they believed had the power to defend them on their sea voyages, pay homage to sailing traditions an d the fraternity of seafarers, memorialize loved ones, and showcase mementos of significant experiences and exotic locales (Skin and bones). Pricking was the full term used for the log of the seamen. People began to open their shops near the ports of the ships in order to provide the sailors with access to the tattoos. The designs of tattoos were inspired by the sea-life. There were tattoos of mermaids, anchors and numerous other objects standardized crosses and hearts. Sailor Jerry Collins is placed amongst the pioneers of the traditional tattooing practice in the USA. He wanted to bring a revolution in the Western style. According to him, the indigenous

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Criminal Justice and Women Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Criminal Justice and Women - Essay ExampleFor this case, the middle level age women are the most affected or targeted by rapist hence they should take extra caution on themselves.Many victims of disgrace do not report that they have sexually harried since they will think that they will not be believed. They also tend to fear that they will be discriminated or feel rejected in the social club due to the rape incident. There should be a well established hospital to cater for the rape victims whereby they will be free to discuss their problem. (Abbey et al, 1996) internal assault crime is a serious offence on a woman hence the offender should be punished accordingly to ensure that he will not repeat the act again in future. For this case, the legislator should ensure they pass a bill in parliament that would ensure that law would be enacted to protect sexually assaulted women.Sometimes the criminal justice is not fair when the sexual assault cases are being heard. They are not fair to the rape victim and they tend to even put her on a lot of shame when she might be asked to demonstrate what really happened during the rape incident. For this case, they should not call forth the rape victim by asking them to demonstrate what really happened on the fateful day. The court should rely on the doctors report that was written when the rape victim reported the case to a hospital.When it comes to sexual assault case, the primary goal is not to punish the

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U.S. Organizations Operating in the Global Environment Research Paper

U.S. Organizations Operating in the Global Environment - Research Paper ExampleAccording to the research findings, it can, therefore, be said that there are many organizations in the US operating in the global environment. They can be political organizations, business organizations, and another pertinent form of organizations. The list goes on. However, what they all bring forth in common is that they all operate in the global environment where there is a need for them to have a constant attachment to the environment. This concept brings forward to the thought that organizations eventually relate strategically to their environment. Furthermore, this also leads to the idea that organizations may be capable of formation their environment. On the contrary, the environments may also shape organizations. Therefore, there is a prevailing thought that organizations also choose which environments they enter and exit. In other words, organizations have the choice which way or part they sh ould place themselves. In order to understand these relevant perspectives, some appropriate organizational theories are included in the workplace at hand to justify if organizations have all the flexibility to affect the environment or be affected by their environments on the contrary. The depth of this vizor of view can be significantly illustrated by taking the case of US Organizations operating in the global environment. There are many organizations advent from the US that are freely operating across the world. This must be a significant observation considering that the US is considered as one of the worlds most powerful nations in terms of its political and economic influence. At some point, the country also has become the center point of socio-cultural change, as it tries to successfully bring the whole world into the Western culture. However, whatever may be the reason why the US together with many of its organizations prevails and manages to stand out in the world, one ess ential argument in line with this will always lead to the idea of how it was able to bring influence to its environment.